What has happened over the 20 years?

Year 2014

Great anniversary gala


A gala of the 20th anniversary of Farm Frites Poland took place on September 12, in the Baltic Philharmonic in Gdańsk.

Almost 500 guests took part in this exceptional event: representatives of the shareholders, local authorities, business partners and current and retired employees.

During the first part of the ceremony, representatives of top management of Farm Frites Poland handed commemorative statuettes to McDonald's, Havi Logistics distribution centers and those companies with whom FFP has been cooperating for 20 years.

Commemorative statues were also given to 34 employees, working at FFP since 1994.
Special gratitudes from the employees were directed to the President and CEO of FFP, Chris Lehmann-Baerenklau, who has managed the company for more than 20 years and is held in great sympathy and respect of them.

The official part was ended by the performance of Grupa Mocarta, which took the fancy of international audience gathered in the Philharmonic Hall.

After dinner less formal part of the evening began, during which guests have the opportunity to see the performance of the most famous Polish illusionist, Maciej Pol, bartender flair show, and dancing to the rhythm of the music of the 90s.

Gala ended late at night, and the emotions that caused, are still alive.

Football tournament for the 20th anniversary of FFP


On Sunday, June 22, Football Tournament was held, attended by 10 teams - the representation of companies with whom Farm Frites Poland has been cooperatinging for a long time. Matches, although social, were fierce and very exciting.

Event classification is as follows:
I miejsce - Aviko,
II miejsce – Farm Frites Poland,
III miejsce - Proliders,
IV – Farm Frites Poland Dwa,
V – Urząd Miasta,
VI – PHU Formel,
VIII - Policja,
IX - Berendsen,
X – Firma Transportowa Sobańscy

Open day at Farm Frites Poland


On June 21st the factory gates opened for those who wanted to see the process of production of French fries and potato pancakes.

Among guests there were mainly inhabitants of Lębork and our employees with families. Despite the rainy weather over 500 people visited our plant. After over an hour of visiting the factory they had the opportunity to taste the delicious fries and take part in many exciting competitions.

Both children and adults were leaving our factory full of impressions and with smile on their faces.

Inauguration of FFP Jubilee


czytaj więcej

Year 2013

A great award for FFP


In November, our company was voted the best company in Food Production Category in the Our Good Products from Pomerania Poll carried out by the Głos Dziennik Pomorza.

25 firms and companies from Middle and Western Pomerania participated. The poll comprised two parts: a text message poll during which the readers of the Głos could vote and in which we took the fifth place, and a competition where awards, in five separate categories, were granted by an independent award committee. 

We were awarded a commemorative statuette,  a check for 20.000pln to be spent on advertising campaigns in regional media and the Quality Mark which we can use for two years.

Region Certificates of Merit for Bogdan Tatarkiewicz

Lew Leborski

In June, during the Lębork Days of Technology Inauguration Ceremony, the Lębork  Region Certificates of Merit were awarded- prestigious distinctions awarded, from year 2004, to companies and organisations in recognition of their achievements and activities for the benefit of Lębork Poviat.

One of the two special awards of the Chapter of the Lębork Region Certificate of Merit was granted to Bogdan Tatarkiewicz, Deputy Managing Director of FFP.

Year 2012

Anaerobic installation in FFP

instalacja beztlenowa

In October, a modern anaerobic wastewater treatment plant was put into operation in our wastewater pre-treatment facility.

The whole process of the production of biogas takes place inside a tightly sealed generator and is absolutely safe.

The biogas, which contains methane, is then utilised to generate heat and electric energy all of which is used by the plant for its own needs.

One of the advantages of having the anaerobic wastewater treatment plant is  green energy that should satisfy 10-15% of our demand in this respect. Another good thing is that the amount of sludge in the wastewater pre-treatment facility has been reduced by at least 30%.

Year 2011

Opening of the potato flakes line


In July, the third production line was opened and this time it was the potato flakes line.

The idea to introduce the additional line was the effect of growing demand for this product on the European market.

To produce potato flakes, short fries and undersized potatoes, not suitable for the production of long fries, are utilised.

The potato flakes line works 24 hours a day on a four-shift cycle basis and is operated by two operators per shift.

Year 2010

ISO22000 guarantees the highest standards

ISO22000 13.pl

The ISO9001 standard was replaced by ISO22000, which, like its predecessor, confirmed that our company met the highest standards of food safety.

Our company’s activities have been regularly tested and verified for their compliance with both of the standards and the results of the inspections have been favourable for us each and every time.

The heat recovery system

100 0062 2

In September, a system for heat recovery from the fumes coming from the pre-frying system was installed.

The project was co-financed by the EU within the frames of the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme.

During the first year of the operation of the heat recovery system, we saved the amount equivalent of 1 million m3 of natural gas.

Year 2008

Football Tournament


In June, the round robin, quarterfinal and semi-final football matches of the Go for Lębork! FFP CUP 2008 Football Tournament were played. The final was played on August 9th.

14 teams composed of employees of some firms, companies and institutions from Lębork area entered the tournament.

The first place was taken by the Siemirowice Military Unit team who had defeated unsparingly (5-0) the Lębork Police team.

The FFP football team was the second runner-up. The tournament was accompanied by numerous attractions prepared for the residents of Lębork and the culminating event was the concert during which cover versions of J.M. Jarre’s music were performed by one of the top cover groups, and a spectacular firework display.

The tournament was the first event of this kind in Lębork. Its purpose was to enable the local companies and institutions to start or tighten their cooperation, and, in addition, to introduce them to the residents.

Year 2007

Modernization of the production line


The summer was the witness of the largest investment in the plant since its construction.

About 70% of the production line devices and equipment were replaced, which significantly  increased the line’s capacity.  

Year 2006

FFP awarded by Teleinfo Magazine


TeleInfo Magazine granted FFP an award for the best computerised business in Poland in 2006. 

We received this award in Food Industry Category.

Summer investments


In the summer of 2006, our Company made first investments with a view to increasing the plant’s production capacity.

Modernization of the plant was continued in the summer 2007.

The reorganization of FFP


As of July 1st, the Aviko and Farm Frites Sales and Marketing Departments were excluded from the FFP organisational structure.

The shareholders’ decision on the reorganization of the company was the effect of changing market conditions due to ongoing processes of markets being united within Europe, and  development of distribution channels.

Since that day, our company’s  sole responsibility has been the production of French fries. The functions related to sales and marketing were transferred to independent trade offices being the Polish branches of our shareholders’ companies, i.e. Farm Frites and Aviko.

McDonald’s restaurant chain was still our key client.

Year 2005

The Gold Cross of Merrit for President & CEO of FFP


In February, Mr E.C. Lehmann-Bärenklau, the President & CEO of FFP, was awarded the Gold Cross of Merit.

On behalf of Aleksander Kwaśniewski, the President of Poland, the medal was presented by Cezary Dąbrowski, the Voivode of Pomorskie Voivodeship.

The distinction was awarded upon request of the authorities of Lębork in recognition of our Company’s  Managing Director’s invaluable contribution towards the social and economic development of our town.

The Gold Cross of Merit is awarded to persons of merit, who devotedly serve the public and engage in charity.

Year 2004

The year 2004 in numbers

Bobrowniki wykopki 2013 132

There were 247 people employed with our company at the end of the year and the amount of potato processed throughout the year reached the level of 130.000 tons.

An award in the Employer- Safe Work Organiser Competition


In October, the results of the Employer- Safe Work Organiser Competition were announced. Our company was ranked second.

The competition, which took into consideration companies employing more than 50 people, was organised by the Regional Work Standards and Safety Inspectorate in Gdańsk.

The jubilee gala


On September 10th, a gala event closing the FFP’s 10th Anniversary Celebrations was held in Opera Leśna in Sopot.

600 hundred people arrived and among our honourable guests were Gerrit de Bruijne – the founder and the Chairman of  Farm Frites in the Netherlands, Jan Zikken- the former Chairman of Aviko in the Netherlands, Witold Namyślak- the Mayor of Lębork, and our staff members, clients and media representatives. 

The main attraction was, undoubtedly,  Kayah’s concert. Her energetic performance raised the guests’ spirits for the rest of that unforgettable evening.

The Open Day


September 4th was the Open Day in our plant.

Those who only wanted to had a unique occasion to view the plant and learn about the fries production process.

600 people  availed themselves of this opportunity.

FFP plays football


On August 29th, a football match between the FFP and the Lębork Town Hall teams was played on the municipal football stadium.

The final score was 6:2 for our team, and the taste of victory equalled the taste of our fries. 

The match was accompanied by numerous games and competitions for children.

The Fries Week


The 28thday of August  was the beginning of the Fries Week.

During the Farewell to the Summer Fair, thousands of participants and spectators were attracted by performances, concerts and games and fun activities or children.

It was also the day of the opening of the exhibition called 10 Years of French Fries in Lębork which was accompanied by the presentation of works and pictures created by children for the My French Fries Adventures Art Contest. The contest finalists received valuable prizes and their schools were given funds to be spent on sport activities and educational purposes. 

During the fair, funds for the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre were raised within the frames of the Good Heart Charity Campaign.

The Lębork Lion award


In August, FFP was awarded the Lębork Lion.

The bronze statuette was received by the Managing Director, Mr E.C. Lehmann-Bärenklau, during our company’s 10th Anniversary Celebrations.

Our company was rewarded for its openness to the problems of the local community demonstrated through actions taken for the benefit of, among others, sportspeople, the hospital, the Fire Service and the establishment of the Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children.

Launching the potato pancakes line


In July, the potato pancakes line was launched.

It was the first project of this type in Eastern Europe.

Starting up the line cost five million zlotys of which one million zlotys was the amount co-financed within the frames of the EU SAPARD Programme.

16 people were employed at the new line.

Opening of the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre


On June 1st , the We are together Children’s Rehabilitation Centre at 5th Primary School in Lębork was opened.

The Centre came into existence thanks to the assistance of the Municipality of Lębork, which rendered the physiotherapy room in the school building, and FFP which had the room renovated and provided the rehabilitation equipment, i.e., among others, the gait training parallel bars, a massage table, a table for mental stimulation, and a treadmill.

Our company has been providing patronage for the Centre to this day by paying partially for the work of the physiotherapist.

Inauguration of the 10th anniversary


The celebration of the Jubilee Year began on January 17th during the New Year's Party.

During the evening there was a concert of violin players - Julita and Paula Sokolowski, and anniversary lottery, from which the total income has been designed to support the creation of the Children's Rehabilitation Center.

At midnight on the birthday cake candles lit.

Year 2003

The year 2003 in numbers

MG 0166

The annual French fries production increased to 68.000 tons.

Year 2002

A summary of the 2002

MG 0172

The number of our employees was 238 and the French fries production amounted to 60.000 tons.

Year 2001

Nowa Post Page-en

ISO14001 13

In July, we had our Environmental Management System certified in accordance with ISO14001 standard.

The Certificate constitutes a guarantee that all legal requirements regarding environmental protection are satisfied, negative effects on the environment are prevented and environmental protection plans are implemented in order to make better use of raw materials and to use energy and water economically.

Our company’s activities are regularly checked for their compliance with this standard by an external firm.

Year 2000

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On August 18th, our visitor was Polish President Aleksander Kwaśniewski.

The purpose of the visit was to see the leading production company in Lębork  in the course of his presidential campaign before the upcoming elections.

Although the visit lasted less than one hour, Mr President, accompanied by a few senators, MPs and Minister Kalisz, had enough time to see the production line and taste our fries which he described as exceptionally tasty.

Year 1999

Forming the Emergency Response Team


The Emergency Response Team was formed.

The ERT consisted of 24 employees thoroughly trained in giving first aid to the injured.

The ERT exists to this day and receives regular trainings so that we can be sure of their competence and reliability in an emergency. 

The team also actively participates in the trial fire and ammonia alarms. Such exercises are organized every year in our company in order to check the operation of the ammonia and smoke detectors, as well as the reaction of employees and relevant departments in case of leakage of ammonia or fire.

The year 1999 in numbers

FFP logo

The retail market share of our fries packaged into bags with Aviko and Farm Frites logos on them was nearly 70%. The market share in respect of sale of fries for restaurants and catering industry was approximately 60%.

The number of our employees exceeded 200 at the end of the year.

Year 1998

"Silver Bear" for FFP


In December, the best companies of Słupskie Voivodeship were awarded Silver Bear statuettes.

The awards were granted for the first time and our Company was among six companies that were rewarded for their major contribution to the promotion of Słupsk Region.

Certification of Quality Management System


In October, we had our Quality Management System certified in accordance with ISO9001 and HACCP standards.

The Certificate was issued by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance and covered the whole production process - from obtaining raw materials to the final product.

It was confirmed that FFP had a modern system of management and production in place while its clients were given a guarantee of high quality product  and product safety.

Year 1997

The summary of 1997


The volume of French fries production reached 40.000 tons at the end of the year and the  employment increased to over 170 people.

Year 1996

Potato store in Nowa Wieś Lęborska


On September 1, a potato store in Nowa Wieś Lęborska was put into operation. 

The decision to locate the potato store near Lębork was a well-thought-out one. The plant wanted to secure potato supplies in case any problems with transport of potatoes from remote locations occurred.

The old storehouses of Państwowe Zakłady Zbożowe (a state-owned company handling grain trade) were converted into the potato stores. Originally, due to the conditions inside the stores, it was possible to store potatoes until December only, but in 1997 the stores were modernised and potatoes could be stored in them until the end of a season. 

In 2010, a modern potato store was erected next to the old one. Nowadays, there are  14.000 tons potatoes in total stored in the old store and the new one.

Year 1995

FFP becomes McDonald's supplier

lo 2

FFP became a supplier of French fries for McDonald’s.

At the beginning of our cooperation, we delivered French fries to two markets.

Nowadays, French fires from Lębork are delivered to almost 900 McDonald’s restaurants in twelve European countries. Find out more about our cooperation here.

The official opening of the plant


On June 9, the plant was officially opened. 

A huge tent offering room for all guests was put up on the plant’s premises.

Amongst the invited guests were Gerrit de Bruijne- the founder of Farm Frites, Jan Zikken- the Chairman of the Board of Aviko, Sjoerd I. Gossesa - Ambassador of the Netherlands in Poland, Eugeniusz Diakun - Słupsk Deputy Voivode, and Witold Namyślak- the Mayor of Lębork.

Year 1994

Launching the production of French fries


In Autumn 1994, the plant was opened and the production of French fries was launched.

On the plot of land which was but wasteland overgrown with tall grass only one year earlier, a nearly 40 million dollars French fries plant, one of the most modern ones in Europe, was built.

Its white external walls with red trims were eye-catching and very impressive. The materials used for the construction were from Poland while the production machinery and equipment were brought from Western Europe.

Mr. E.C. Lehmann-Bärenklau was appointed the President and CEO of Farm Frites Poland. He holds this position to date.

At first, the company employed 80 staff members, including some specialists from the Netherlands who were responsible for the implementation of international standards of production and training of their Polish successors.
33 staff members who were employed in 1994 are still working for us.

The production capacity of the plant was 40.000 tons of fries per year.

Training for the first employees

BH foto 1

In July, several of our first employees went to the Netherlands to attend a two-month training course at the seat of Farm Frites.

Apart from being given instruction in the production of French fries, they also took an intensive course of English there.

The training was not in vain, as most of these people still work in FFP.


Year 1993

The beginning of Farm Frites Poland Dwa

Bobrowniki 4

Polish varieties of potato, though very tasty when eaten traditionally prepared, were not suitable, in terms of size and shape, for the production of long American-style  fries. So it was decided that the varieties of potato suitable for fries would be bred in Poland in accordance with Western technologies.  

In December 1993, an agricultural farm covering approx. 4000 hectares of arable land located in Damnica Gmina and Główczyce Gmina was taken over from the local state-owned farm.  On its premises, Farm Frites Poland Dwa was established to handle and manage potato breeding for the purposes of the plant to be built.

Farm Frites Poland Dwa was almost the sole supplier of potatoes for the first two years . As the demand for the raw material was growing, the circle of suppliers started to expand to finally reach 80 suppliers at present.

Beginning of the plant construction


The construction of the plant in Lębork commenced in November 1993.

However, originally it was a place in the vicinity of Słupsk that was chosen for the location of the plant. The idea was abandoned as it was necessary to change the land use classification from agricultural-land use to industrial-land use, which would be very costly.
The authorities of the town of Lębork were very favourably inclined towards the idea of building  the plant in their town. Out of the lots offered, the Farm Frites representatives chose a plot of land which was a boggy meadow at that time.

As soon as the construction of foundations started, there were people coming to Lębork to apply for a job in the plant.
Nearly 2500 applications were filed and only 70 positions were available.

When Farm Frites had its investment plans ready, Aviko, which also wanted to build a French fries production plant in Poland then, put forward a cooperation proposal. The two competing companies were united by the joint project in Lębork.

Beginnings of FFP


Even though Farm Frites Poland was founded in 1993, the beginnings of our company are to be looked for in 1991, when Gerrit de Bruijne, the founder of Farm Frites, became interested in building a French fries manufacturing plant in Poland.

The climatic and soil conditions alike proved to be optimal for the development of potato breeding.

In the early 1990s, a statistical Pole ate less than 1kg of French fries per year, while a German or a Dutchman consumed 10kg of this potato product. It was envisaged that Poland would catch up with Western Europe in this respect over the next few years.

Therefore, the decision was made to build a plant with the production capacity that was bigger than the then demand of the Polish market.